Google & SEO / PPC – How Do They Work?

Posted by Nora on January 28, 2015
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There are many marketing agencies in the UK now but how SEO and PPC work in Google is still very confusing to many business owners. Helped by seo cheshire companies we’ve put together this post which will hopefully serve as a helpful bit of insight in the world of SEO and PPC in Google Search.

Many business owners seem to think that ranking within Google’s search results organically is paid just as their AdWords ads are paid above and beside normal listings. We can reveal that this is in-fact false and organic listings are controlled by hundreds of different ‘secret’ signals that help Google to understand a site’s relevance. AdWords is paid, however, and can be switched on and off instantly.

Google Search Marketing Explained

Google as a Search Engine provide great results for BILLIONS, yes BILLIONS, of searches every single day. 365 days a year. That’s A LOT of results that need showing with 10 per page and more beyond.

But how do Google work out how to organise their organic results?

Great question.

Google use hundreds of what they call ranking signals which help them to understand what a website is about and how other sites on the internet perceive it. This is known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation.

Links from other websites act as a ‘vote’ for the site receiving the link and Google use a very advanced algorithm that works out the value and authenticity of a link before deciding the value that is passed via that link to the receiving website – this helps rankings to improve for various keywords.

So each website is given a vote by Google after all things are considered.

And how do Google work out how to organise their paid results?

Again, great question.

Google again use many different signals to work out the worthy position of a paid position, that’s even before the pay per click cost is worked out from the advertiser marketplace. Confusing, right?

Cost per clicks are worked out via a bidding system from all advertisers who are bidding on the same keywords, but beyond this ad text, copy, URLs and landing pages are all used to work out quality scores – this works much like SEO. Does the ad relate to the landing page? How much?

SEO vs. PPC in Google

There’s no straightforward answer to this one, unfortunately, and any answer you receive is likely to be biased depending on the profession of that person in question. For example if you were to ask me, I’d say PPC is most definitely the best because I work at a pay per click management company in Liverpool.

Ask someone from the agency next door to us, however, and you’ll get the exact opposite answer from them since they’re operating a search engine optimisation agency rather than pay per click.

So what is the answer then? Here’s my take on things…

SEO is a long-term marketing channel that should be used by everybody in general. Organic traffic has been proven to be of the highest quality, even more so than paid traffic, which is strange.

PPC, on the other hand, is a shorter-term marketing channel that can provide an instant ROI should the account and ads be set-up properly. An AdWords campaign can be switched on and off like a light switch which makes it a favourite among many business owners. It can also aid SEO to increase visibility.

To summarise, they’re both fantastic!

Manchester Escorts – Good or Bad?

Posted by Nora on January 15, 2015
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The escorting scene in manchester is thriving with hundreds of agencies helping lonely men out with a real and exciting girlfriend experience with some of the most beautiful women in the north west.

You won’t find a man with a bad word to say about manchester escorts but you certainly may find women who think it’s strange, especially those who are currently in a relationship with guys who have had the escorting experience before they met – they really seem to find it hard to deal with.

Is Escorting Bad for Manchester?

There will obviously be many mixed opinions in answer to that question but as far as I’m concerned (as a girl) I really don’t see a problem with it. If there’s a market for it, and girls can do it without getting emotionally involved or without getting hurt then why not? We all need to make a living somehow – I wouldn’t dream of escorting, by the way, but both men and women should have the option should they wish to pursue it.

I actually have a friend who escorts for an agency in manchester and she says they get paid around ¬£150 an hour. What other jobs will you find that pay that much? There’s not many, let me tell you.

My ex-boyfriend used an escort. It’s true – he actually had a real girlfriend experience while we were together, something I found out from his friends after he split up with me. I was really mad about it until I realised that it probably meant little to nothing to him – men like sex and prefer to avoid emotions.

And for the agencies, I know many of them struggle to survive with such a competitive online marketplace, but there is an escort seo agency who can help with driving online bookings from search engines.

There’s nothing at all wrong with escorting, or using escorts. Each to their own!

Manchester’s Escorting Agencies

Manchester is full of escorting agencies. There are literally hundreds of them.

For those guys or girls who are interested in using the services of an escorting agency should do your research before picking up the phone – ask your friends or look around the internet for reviews on both websites and forums. This is very important – don’t use any escorting agency that doesn’t properly take care of their girls – this is for your sake as well as theirs. Some girls are very vulnerable.

Tips for Potential Escorts

Becoming an escort is a very attractive proposition for a lot of women, don’t let that make you feel dirty because you’re free to do what you like with your body. Don’t let anybody make you feel bad.

Here are a few things you need to think about:

Make Sure It’s for You

Escorting is not for everyone and it can leave those who are vulnerable or emotional in a very bad position should it not be thought through properly before taking the leap. Do you think you can meet different men, maybe even women, multiple times a week for a real partner experience and then go home to your current partner without feeling like you’ve done something wrong? Probably not for most of you.

You need to be very strong, secure and be able to detach when you go home. It’s no good if you start remembering the guys or girls you see and fall for them – it’s a job you can’t too involved in.

Do Your Research

When you finally do decide to take the plunge, you’re going to want to do a lot of research before deciding which agency you’d like to represent because are many that simply don’t take care of their girls.

Ask lots of questions – How do they check their bookings for safety? Where do meetings take place? How do you travel to any outcalls? How much money will you get from the clients payment? Are you allowed to represent other agencies at the same time? These are all questions you’ll need to be asking before working for any escorting agency in manchester, and I’m sure there will be many more to ask too.

6 Retro Sweets You’re Sure to Remember

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Retro Sweets are sweets that once blessed your childhood, for most at least.

Confectionery from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and now can be considered as retro sweets, although the older generation will have the best idea of what a true retro or traditional british sweet is.

For me personally, I have a vivid memory of my days as a youngster and I remember the many occasions I would choose to walk to school instead of taking the bus simply so I could pop into my local sweetie shop and grab a couple bags of my sugary favourites. Those were the days – how I wish I was back there.

I’m also a fan of the occasional can of refreshing root beer from the UK’s leading American Sweet Shop.

So here are 6 retro sweets that nobody should forget anytime soon:

Fizzy Cola Bottles

Fizzy Cola Bottles

First there were cola bottles, and then came along fizzy cola bottles – both are fantastic sweets, but which is your favourite? According to sales, fizzy cola bottles are without doubt the more popular or the two options although cola bottles are still a household favourite, especially for those who enjoy haribo sweets.

The obvious difference between normal cola bottles and fizzy cola bottles is the fizzy sugar coating.

The best way to enjoy a bag of fizzy cola bottles is to simply sink into a comfy chair with the bag on the arm whilst enjoying an action film. Don’t chew them, simply let the fizzy coating melt in your mouth first.

Milk Bottles

Milk Bottles

Like fizzy cola bottles, milk bottles come in the shape of bottles although milk bottles don’t have a sugary coating or any coating at all. They’re simply tasty bottles that present your mouth with a creamy, milky taste that can only be understood by eating them. Hard to pick between these and other bottles.

I’m not sure quite when milk bottles burst onto the scene but I do know that they were and still are a big hit amongst the UK public. Can be purchased in bags (quarters), tubs and boxes.

Black Jacks

Black Jacks

All 6 of the retro sweets included in this post are awesome, but black jacks are on another level for me – their dark liquorice and aniseed taste simply never fails to blow my socks off. It’s so sweet and delicious.

First manufactured under Barratts in the 1920’s, black jacks have since been rebranded as ‘Candy Land’ black jacks. Since their release back in the golden era of confectionery, these magnificent black jack treats have gone down in history as one of the UK’s favourite sweets of all-time which isn’t surprising.

Today, black jacks can be purchased from online sweet shops in bags, tubs or boxes.

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salads follow a similar fate to black jacks since they have they are both manufactured by the same company. They’ve always gone hand-in-hand with black jacks for me – not sure why, maybe the similar packaging away from colour? Or maybe simply because both have such a distinctive taste.

These tasty treats can be described as small bundles of fruity sweetness with a slight hint of rhubarb.

Again can be purchased in many packages and sizes online and in shops.

Rhubarb & Custard

Rhubarb & Custard

Rhubarb & Custard are boiled sweets that are not to be confused with the softer penny sweets that go by a similar name. Unlike their counterpart, these are hard and crunchy sweets that flood the mouth with a rhubarb / fruity taste with a creamy custard after-taste. These are another favourite of mine.

As a kid I wasn’t allowed to eat these often as they’re hard and considered dangerous to our lovely caring parents, but what the heck we don’t care as kids, we just want to eat them. Now I understand and know that I wouldn’t dream of allowing my daughter to eat these once she’s old enough – once I got to high school, however, the world was my oyster (so to speak) and I could gobble down all the rhubarb and custard I could¬†afford at the time, which wasn’t much, but I did sometimes order them on the internet.

Kola Cubes

Kola Cubes

Kola Cubes, sometimes also known as Cola Cubes are another boiled sweetie favourite that was a hard one to earn the respect to eat as a kid – they’re super card, sugary sweets that would take a tooth out if you didn’t respect their sheer crunchiness. Oh my, they’re great, my mum used to love them.

Having kola cubes is really like eating coca cola, although a flat version of the drink.

Hope you enjoyed my 6 retro sweets list. What’s your favourite?