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Dreamscape: Solo, Duo
Dreamscape: Solo, Duo
Freddie Bryant
Format: 10 ins
Labels: OA2/Origin Records
Released: 2014-07-01
Catalogue number: 8
Available: 94
Price: 16.00

Music Samples

Please note that the tracks being played (Jazz Comedy, 2017); (The Lounge, 2017); (The Jazz Piano, 2017); (Romantic, 2017)are for demonstration purposes and therefore, not associated with the listed tracks. See about us.

Track Listing

Track Listing Artists/Group
Dreamscape Bryant
Ask Me Now Bryant
Vignette 1 Bryant
Vignette 2 Bryant
Goodbye Porkpie Hat Bryant


Descriptions and Musicians Freddie Bryant: 12 string, arch top, electric and nylon string guitar
Scott Colley: acoustic bass
Chris Potter: tenor and soprano saxophone and bass clarinet
Beatrice Rippy: soprano
Carol Hollister: piano

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